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Marty Caine is the founder and current leader of ENGAGE, a new political party that only became officially registered January 30th 2017. It was originally called Demos Direct Initiative Party (DDIP) but it was decided to change the name to ‘ENGAGE’ as this is what we really want to do. Engage with the people, the government and even those against us, to find the best solutions for the betterment of us all. Having been involved in politics both nationally and locally, it became very

Having been involved in politics both nationally and locally, it became very clear to Marty that the real problem with British politics today is the way in which political parties are run. A select few write the polices in a hope that people will prefer theirs to the other parties. He realised that the only way that British politics could ever be changed for the better, would be to change how political parties function and so created a ‘Direct Democracy’ party where every member has an equal opportunity to voice their own opinions to help shape party policies, structure and direction. With the help of others, he created a political party that was built around its own Members Forum, where members could log in at any time that was convenient to them and join in the debates. No more sitting in a meeting with your arm in the air aching whilst waiting for someone to give you the opportunity to voice your opinion. 

When DDIP was started we thought we had two to three years to build a new party before the next General Election but Theresa May calling a snap GE2017, changed that to just 8 weeks. Marty decided to lead by example and stand in the election in his home constituency of Poole, which happens to be one the safest seats the Tories hold. The Independent who stood in 2015 gained only 54 votes. As an unknown entity in an 8 week election, Marty gained 551 votes, more than the Pub Landlord got who stood against Nigel Farage in 2015 and more than Mr Fishfinger who stood against Tim Farron in 2017, both of whom had national publicity. So he did better than expected for a totally new and unknown political party. 

This was Marty’s campaign website throughout his election campaign and will now remain his own personal website, where he can blog his personal views on issues, separate from the party website

All opinions expressed here are Marty’s own personal opinions and do not always reflect those of the party.


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Who is Marty Caine, what makes him tick and why is he standing for election in Poole?

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Who are ENGAGE, what makes this party different from all the rest?


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    Having known Marty for many years having worked together back in the 90s in the entertainment business, I can tell you that you wont find a more honest person who believes passionately in a fair democracy. He won't tell you what you just want to hear or spin stories to bolster his image or agenda. He is a man who wants to see people have the power not the few. DDIP is here to make a difference in the way political parties are run. I am lucky to have had him as a friend for so many years and hand on heart I can say if you want a person you can trust in this General Election. Vote for Marty Caine

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  • Demos Direct Initiative Party is a new UK political party the believes in Direct Democracy. Though we are in no position to field candidates nationwide it would be wrong to not show some participation in the General Election to show we are serious in our aims.

    Also we did start a ‘Save our Loos’ campaign and a petition to government to try to force legislation through parliament to ensure that all councils have a legal obligation to provide toilets at all public open spaces. Due to Theresa May calling this snap election it means that all government petitions will be ended on May 3rd 2017 and by standing in this GE2017 we hope it will help raise awareness of this campaign. 

  • Having studied the European Union for some eight years and been through all the treaties I decided a long time ago that being a member of the EU was not in Britain’s best interest. We have been paying billions for something that we are more than capable of doing ourselves and many of the EU regulations are designed to restrict rather than improve productivity. I have campaign hard to get Britain out of the EU for a very long time and I do honestly believe that Britain will be far better off and more influential in world affairs once we finally leave the EU.

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