1. Ray Jones
    14th February 2018 @ 9:16 am


    Nice photo of Henry. He has his wedding ring on at a time which, according to his own time line, he was separated from His wife.


    • Marty Caine
      14th February 2018 @ 10:29 am

      I always thought that UKIP was meant to be a Libertarian party, one of its core believes is a right to private life…


  2. Lynda Owen
    14th February 2018 @ 9:35 am

    This statement I feel is nearer to the truth as I have always suspected, on many of the blogs there have been many contradictions, as the expenses, if they say Henry has not done anything then why would expenses have been paid, there are many instances that show up anomalies. They state that under the new DRAFT Constitution that that would give the leader and his team to have too much power but then what has changed aren’t the NEC in that position now, the difference being that Henry Bolton has laid out his plans for reform of what could be a truly Professional UKIP Party, not an empty shell of a party, I just wish the membership who are convinced by the negative comments on propaganda could see the vision that I have of a party with a great future and a forward thinking leader, and allow Henry Bolton to have his private life kept private. Yes I do agree that his private life has given the media some ammunition to attack UKIP, but I belief that other people within that should have been supporting Henry have instead tried to carry out a perfect hatched job and feel that they have done far more damage. TO ALL UKIP MEMBERS, please think very deeply before voting on Saturday, please don’t destroy our party on the strength negative propaganda.


    • Marty Caine
      14th February 2018 @ 10:31 am

      The choice for UKIP members is simple at the EGM, vote Bolton for much needed change or vote NEC for things to stay the same… you’d have to be pretty foolish to vote for the latter.


  3. Alannah Cripps
    14th February 2018 @ 8:27 pm

    Henry has fallen on his own sword, and done incalculable damage to the party.
    The EGM is solely about whether the fragrant Henry should stay, or go.
    Diverting the topic to criticise the NEC – is a wilful distraction.
    Under Gerard Batten’s interim leadership, the party has a chance of surviving.
    Under Henry Bolton’s leadership, the party will self distruct!


    • Marty Caine
      15th February 2018 @ 3:44 pm

      Well Allannah, there happens to be a very good reason why Gerard Batten has always been kept in the shadows of UKIP but to put it simply you might as well have kept Anne Marie Waters if he becomes the interim leader. The press will have an absolute field day.


  4. Geoff Wimble
    16th February 2018 @ 6:30 am

    Thank you for the enlightenment of hopefully many, deeply concerned that the overall emphasis has been about has-been’s wanting the spotlight back,
    no mentions of the infidelities of many or disastrous financial management of members of the NEC., we have been able to identify bullies with the thuggish approach of individuals. It is now that the HIGH COURT, rules that UKiP., being the NEC., interfered and were OBSTRUCTIVE with due process in a defamation case regard the Rotherham Child abuse scandal, leaving the party exposed to LEGAL COSTs of god knows what astronomical figure, recent declarations from the party and NEC. leader stating finances were being managed, he did not declare that the treasurer appears to be a bankrupt, also an absolute responsibility of any trust management group is to declare in accounts exceptional charges or potentials of, the accounts declared as an honest statement to the Electoral Commission repeatedly FAIL on this issue. The NEC. is certainly not fit for purpose being infested with self not corporate interest, let’s hope Henry Bolton every success, let’s have a professional approach not the adopted ad-hoc chaos which appears before our eyes!


  5. Victor Webb
    3rd March 2018 @ 5:05 am

    Henry Bolton would have been the antidote for a rotten NEC,and although I did not vote for him or any of the other candidates who put their hats in the ring mainly because I did not know them. After hearing Henry on TV I was very impressed with him and I think that the NEC organising an EGM to get rid of him without the full party membership having a say showed how awful the NEC had become.The NEC secured his removal with an attendance in BIrmingham of less than 2000 and a vote of about 800 using the wording of the constitution which it had a hand in creating..So many members would not have been able to attend in Birmingham and this was another rotten tactic.


    • Marty Caine
      3rd March 2018 @ 2:12 pm

      It was a stitch up from start to finish by the NEC and The Indigo Group and unfortunately for UKIP, Henry Bolton was their last chance of survival. Now UKIP face a disastrous May elections result, another circus show of a leadership election and an NEC election, all of which they cannot afford because they are desperate to find the money to pay off the £200,000 court bill from the Jane Collins defamation case. #RIPukip


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