1. Penny Hargreaves
    5th June 2017 @ 3:28 pm

    I can’t disagree with anything you say here. But we need to vote Labour because it’s our only chance to be rid, for awhile, of this, law of the jungle, survival of the fittest, Tory government. Some people will always advocate law of the jungle….some of us feel that as human beings, we should look after one another. We are all entitled to our viewpoint but we are also entitled to fight for what we believe in. Nice to meet you anyway. Xx. ps I was at Grammar school with your mother in law. 😉

    • Marty Caine
      6th June 2017 @ 9:46 am

      Hi Penny, I have looked very closely at the Labour manifesto and the figures simply do not add up and due to the fact they keep on wheeling out Dianne Abbott I can only presume that Labour do not want to win this election but at the end of the day, your vote is entirely down to your choice. Here in Poole I think that people only have two real choices and they are, vote for more of the same or vote for something different and I am that something different and if I am successful I will not only go into parliament to shout for the people of Poole, I will also go into the Council offices and ask what the hell is going on. Unlike the incumbent MP we have had here for the past 20 years, I believe that local issues is something for an MP to get involved with.

  2. sharnah
    12th June 2017 @ 12:59 am

    I couldn’t agree more, although we are up against not only the terrorists and lack of government action but an over arching agenda in the Middle East, we are given two choices really in the election good cop or bad cop. divide and concur! It isn’t as hard as it sounds all they have to do is pump people full off assumptions and manipulate the mass minds with he Media they own. let a few radical issues slip through the net, funded by our “allies”, its a total and utter joke what is happening in the name of the British people, int he name of the Muslim people and in the name of Democracy!

    The monopoly of the media needs to end otherwise u will forever have the choices and agenda laid out for us!

    I dont know everything but there is much to do, now for justice, peace and a real democratic society!

    We cause oppression and have done our dealings in the past that are coming back upon us & the United states, not to say Arabia and Israel!!

    We need to build a system where we acknowledged the wrong paths our country have taken, fix the massive issue with media that is consuming the minds of our society ( Especially Gen X & Gen Y).

    Look forward to seeing more of this organisation you are creating, potentially collaborate in some terms along the way!

    Kind regards,

    Sharnah Wynn

    • Marty Caine
      11th March 2019 @ 10:26 am

      Hi Sharnah,

      The system we need is Direct Democracy because that will enable us to once again start learning from each other rather being forced fed information through the media. Unfortunately, it seems people are not quite ready for Direct Democracy just yet, probably due to the media telling them it will not work. However, I have not given up hope and recently created http://www.politics-uk.co.uk which is a political debate platform in the UK that is open to anyone, regardless of their own political leanings. Hopefully, this will entice people to start putting their heads together in reasoned debates.